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Status is a secure messaging app, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser built with state of the art technology.

Erol Polat ★★★★★

Teşekkürler. Geleceğin ödeme sistemi.

Jakub Borkowski ★★★★★

Status is the best way to enter the crypt world. You don't need anything else!

Pedrita Gonçalves ★★★★★

Privacidade é tudo. O governo já quer proibir criptografia em app centralizados. Status é o futuro!

Anita Olszyczak ★★★★★

Status is a super-app: super-private messenger, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser. Welcome to the future!

Gabriel Santos ★★★★★

Guardem minhas palavras! Vai substituir muito desses apps grandes por aí!! Com a migração das pessoas irá vir as melhorias, atualizações! (...)

Swapnil Ramteke ★★★★★

Future of messaging, whatsapp killer!

Tiberio Neto ★★★★★

So pela sua ideia de privacidade ja vale todas as estrelas.

Jani Kaipainen ★★★★★

Future of messaging, privacy and sending payments easy.

Yousif Thaer ★★★★★

One of the best future and promised projects.

NIkolay Raykov ★★★★★

Just works great! User friendly and decentralized. The future of apps is here.

Tyler Mares ★★★★★

I highly recommend this all-in-one app. This is by far the best crypto app I have ever used. Status is the future!

Jonathan Lusher ★★★★★

Very good app. What a thrill that Web3 has already arrived.

Herbert de Carvalho ★★★★★

Sensacional. App Msg totalmente sigiloso. Transf direta de cripto pela msg. Browser sem rastreio. Carteira de cripto. Fiz testes e deu tudo certo. (...)

Chocolate Poetry ★★★★★

Winning. Very happy to recommend this.

Chloe Lewis ★★★★★

Great encrypted messaging app that also supports web3 browsing and a cryptocurrency wallet 💕.

Vicky Varda ★★★★★

Most likely the best private, secure communication app!!👍❤️

Luis Gomez ★★★★★

Todo es posible con ésta aplicación 🤠

Happy Life ★★★★★

진정한 블록체인 앱이네요

Irupe .C Aparicio ★★★★★

Me encanta esta app le doy 5 estreyas si ubiera mas les doy muchisimas mas exelente proyeccto de app de 10 💝💝💝😰

Jaemin Hong ★★★★★

무조건쓰세요 짱좋아요

Sebastian Moonjava ★★★★★

Privacy, DeFi, crypto, and communities all on one app!

Truly Private Messaging

Status uses an open-source, peer-to-peer protocol, and end-to-end encryption to protect your messages from third parties. Keep your private messages private with Status.

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Decentralized Web3 Browser

Browse the growing ecosystem of DApps including marketplaces, exchanges, games and social networks. Latest security standards ensure a private browsing experience.

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Secure Crypto Wallet

Safely send, store and receive cryptocurrencies including ERC20 and ERC721 tokens with the Status crypto wallet. Only you hold the keys to your funds. Status' intuitive design protects you and your funds from attacks.

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Designed for Security

Status uses the latest encryption and security tools to ensure your messages and transactions are yours and yours alone. Status removes intermediaries to keep your messages private and your assets secure. Confident, secure communication.

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Three-Word Default Usernames and Privacy

When generating an account, a randomization process selects three words – Adjective, adjective, animal. This becomes your default username in Status and results in true pseudo-anonymity.

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Protect your Account with Keycard

Add offline, hardware enforced two-factor-authentication to your Status account with Keycard. Require the tap of a card + pin entry for greater security over your account.

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